Compatible with SWB & LWB medium sized vans including

Transporters, Vivaros (pre-2019), Trafics, Transit Customs and more.

Suitable for low-roof, hi-top and pop-top vans.

Please contact us for dimensions and further information.

Rigette Sideboard

A compact storage space that is deceptively large!


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Modular! Pair with the Ranger Kitchen and Topo Sofa-bed for the perfect fit.

A place for everything! The Rigette handily stores duvet, pillows and all of your bedding for the double Topo Sofa-bed.

Stylish sideboard, provides the perfect surface for a nightcap.

The perfect fit! Supplied oversized to ensure it fits perfectly with the Ranger Kitchen.

Makes the most of the awkward space around the wheel arch!

Optional table add-on. Flip up style table in the style of the Rig or freestanding table option.

Prices vary depending on specification and size. Please see the price list located on our Shop page for details.

Please contact us and we will tailor a quote to your specific preferences.

The Rigette Sideboard is a Registered Design by Contour Campervan Furniture Ltd.